Aileen // 2022

Mother to Athena & Expecting.

Aileen, age 25, is a web developer and also has her own soap business called Aluna Studio. She enjoys family time, doing creative stuff and hanging with good people with good souls.

You're preparing for two-under-two. How did you feel when you first found out you were pregnant again?

I was overwhelmed, anxious and honestly experienced some negative feelings. I know having children is such a blessing, but at the moment, I was scared. I always said that I wanted a few years between having children, but finding out I was pregnant not even a year after giving birth gave me so much anxiety. So many thoughts ran through my head—from being scared of my first daughter having a lack of attention to also having a fear of not finding myself again, because it’s just one child after the other. 

I was and slightly am still afraid of the thought of having one child feel more tended to than the other. I don’t want my first to be sad when the second comes around because I know it’ll be really different for her. I think I’ve come to terms with the thought of having "mother" be my main role—and I’ve learned that it’s a blessing. My situation is much different now, so by the time my second daughter is born I think I will already be acclimated and much more prepared than the first time— allowing me to have time to figure myself out before and while also having two children. I do think often about the stress of two kids, but I know that even with stress there is always a reward and that reward is my babies. So overall I'm both excited and anxious, but in a good way.