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Soft greetings, I'm so glad you are here. Milk & Muse is an offering, and it is with gratitude that I am able to extend these services to you from my heart. Milk & Muse is a woman-owned business that keeps womanhood, motherhood, and sisterhood at the center of its work. Along with photography, I am extending doula and writing services as well. When it came to establishing a name that felt right for this brand, Milk & Muse was something that I couldn't get out of my head. Milk focuses on motherhood, maternity, and family  through photography and doula services, while Muse focuses on the other realms of creating that bring me joy (creative portraiture, music, and more).

Creating  stills has become my love language. I consider myself to be a visual storyteller, because with each photo I capture I intend to make the image speak. I pull the narrative out through the subject of my frame. In college, I honed in on and crafted my storytelling abilities, and since then my camera has been my faithful companion.

What my work is about is creating visual language through an archival practice. One of my favorite quotes by visual storyteller Nneka Julia is "Without archiving, an entire generation can die." I believe that to be true. To me, a photo isn't just a photo. It's an honoring of our existence. It's a capturing of the love, the joy, the pain, our stories. And I hope that you allow me the gift of capturing your story, whatever that may be.




"Creating visual language through an archival practice."

MOtherhood & Lifestyle PHOTOGRAPHer

The Art Of Storytelling

Every person has a story to tell, but not everyone has the means to tell their story. That's where I come in.  As a visual storyteller,  I do the work of bridging the gap. I provide a space for others' narratives to reside, while also giving them an opportunity to be felt, heard,  witnessed, and experienced.


I absolutely love working with Mariah! She is such a sweet person! Her energy was so welcoming. She introduced me to new spaces and made me feel so comfortable when I couldn’t figure out how to pose. She took my vision to another level!

Jada Harris


She has the ability to make anyone in front of her camera feel the most free and comfortable you’ve ever been.  Capturing every laugh, smile and memory in every photo. She makes you feel beautiful and grateful in each moment, each photo. You really feel seen when working with her.

Anaya McVay


Mariah is amazing! The photos she takes are stunning, as she can capture any moment beautifully! She’s very kind, which made me feel comfortable the whole time. 10/10 would recommend!

Taylor Shine