A Psalm for the Body

Honoring Black Motherhood- Est. 2021

A collaboration between Mahoqany Photography & ViewsbyRi.

Motherhood is a journey, one that takes wit and blooms us to a deeper strength that perhaps we never knew we even had before. Through this project, four mothers open themselves and offer up their testimonies. Here is to motherhood; the joys, the pains, the nerve of it all.

Artist Statements


Becoming a mother has blossomed me. Has brought me closer to heaven, to unconditional love, to God's favor. It is through mothering that my world becomes something it has never been before. It is through mothering that I stand a vessel for generations to be created right here within my womb, that I bear witness to an unwavering love. Helping to capture the stories of these other mommies was an honor.